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How Are The Slots Structured?

Usually Megaways have six reels on which between two and seven symbols can appear on each spin. The variable number of symbols automatically leads to different numbers of win lines. Because the more symbols on the individual reels, the more possible win lines.

So that you can always keep track of constantly changing symbols, the number of win lines is displayed in each round.

What counts as a payline?

In slot machines with a Megaway feature, everything usually counts as a payline as long as the same symbol is present on each reel from left to right. The win line goes so far to the right until the symbol is no longer present on a reel. It does not matter where or how big the symbol is.

What should players watch out for at Megaways Slots?

For players, the operation of the slots with the Megaways feature does not change much. It should be noted, however, that you always place a total bet in these games and not set a bet per payline, as the number of paylines has not yet been determined. Only during the spin does the built-in random number generator decide how many symbols appear on the individual reels, which ultimately defines the number of win lines.


Due to the unique random mechanism, Megaways slots stand out from classic slot machines and therefore bring welcome variety to the gaming industry. They do not have a better or worse payout percentage than normal slot machines per se and the volatility does not depend on the Megaway feature, but differs depending on the game.

The games are still very popular with the players due to the additional tension factor. Before each spin, the tension on the number of paylines increases again, which makes the games all the more varied.

Hand Value Of A Poker Hand

There are many different types of poker around the world, and each one works differently. Sometimes the player only receives two hidden cards (hole cards) and combines them with the exposed cards in the middle of the table, with other variants each player receives his five cards completely hidden. What all variants have in common, in the end the highest hand decides the winner of the round. So that you know which card combination is best, we explain the different poker hands here.

    1. Royal Flush: This combination of cards is a surefire value for winning a round of poker. It consists of a straight of 10, jack, queen, king and ace of one suit. If several players submit a royal flush at the same time, the pot is divided among the winners.
    2. Straight Flush: The straight flush is also a straight of consecutive cards of the same suit, but does not start with the 10, like the royal flush, but with a card below it. If two players have a straight flush, the player with the higher cards wins. If the players have the same values ​​of the cards, the pot is divided among the winners.
    3. Four of a kind : As the name suggests, a pair of four is crucial in this hand. For example, if a player has four 9s in hand, he can win with a four of a kind or an English Four of a Kind if no one else has a higher value. If several players have four of a kind, the higher value of the four of a kind decides the win. If several players are tied with the value of their four of a kind, the fifth card in the hand decides the winner, i.e. the higher value of the fifth card.
    4. Full House: A full house is also known from other card or dice games and consists of a pair and a three of a kind, i.e. two and three of the same cards of different suits. If several players have a full house, the higher value of the three of a kind is examined first and then the value of the pair, should the three of a kind be of the same value. As always, the higher value wins or, if two full house hands are exactly the same, the stake is split, which is a rare scenario.
    5. Flush: Not quite as good as a straight or royal flush, but still a good hand. A flush consists of five cards of the same suit. The player must therefore be able to show five cards of the suit of spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs. If there are multiple flushes at the same time, the value of the cards determines the winner, as always.
    6. Straight: A straight that is not formed by the same card suit (straight or royal flush) is a simple straight or, in technical jargon, a straight. It is in sixth position in the order of valuation in poker and can be formed with any number of consecutive card values . A special feature is the ace, which can be used both as the lowest value of a straight (ace, 2, 3, 4, 5) and as the highest value (10, jack, queen, king, ace).
    7. Drilling ( Three of a kind): At seventh place is the drilling, which as the name suggests means three cards of the same. If several players have the same values ​​of three of a kind, first one of them decides, then the second additional card of the hand.
    8. Two pairs: With this hand, two pairs of cards determine the win. If multiple players have the hand, the highest pair on a hand, if they are tied, decides the value of the remaining pair. If the same values ​​are shown, the additional ticket decides .
    9. Pair: Far down on the scale , but still valuable, should the other players have worse hands. The pair consists of two cards of the same value , if several pairs are presented at the showdown , the additional cards in the hand also decide here .
  • Highest card: There are rounds in poker where all players have “bad” cards and do not make any of the above combinations to clear the pot. Then the highest card in hand decides. In a very classic way, the ace is the highest value, followed by the king, queen, jack and so on. If more players have the same high card, as it is called in technical jargon, the additional cards are compared and, depending on their value, the player with the highest cards wins.

Casinos Manipulate Their Roulette Wheel

Many gamblers share one opinion: casinos manipulate their roulette wheels. But casinos don’t want to manipulate their games – on the contrary. If the games were unfair, providers would quickly lose revenue. With that in mind, it’s surprising how many gamers cling to this myth. In modern casinos there is no way to manipulate games. The new gaming law in particular, which allows online casinos in Switzerland, has also brought about strong regulation by the state. This ensures that the players have a fair chance and that everything is done right.

The fallacy about the “due numbers”

Many gamblers are familiar with this myth: let’s say the last three spins came black. Unfortunately you lost all three bets because you bet on red. When the fourth round comes up, a hit on red is more likely than on black, right? The answer is no. This player philosophy assumes that previous attempts will in some way affect future hits. The lesson is that every single spin is a separate attempt and is not influenced by the previous ones. Hence the assumption that something is “due” is a big myth. Incidentally, this also applies to the numbers, even if many casinos highlight the numbers at their tables where the ball has not stopped for a long time.

Players can beat the house edge at roulette

No, it is not possible to beat the house edge in roulette. Under no circumstances can you influence the advantage that any casino has over its players. Your chances of winning can change depending on how you play. However, the house edge always remains the same.

It is impossible to win large sums of money

There is a widespread myth among gamblers about not making substantial winnings at roulette. Some roulette strategies suggest placing bets that have better odds of winning. However, these are lower payout bets. This gives players the impression that they have no chance of big wins. However, that is not true. The nice thing about roulette is that there are different methods to win and the winnings increase as you bet. And as with every game of chance, this includes a portion of luck!

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