Casinos Manipulate Their Roulette Wheel

Many gamblers share one opinion: casinos manipulate their roulette wheels. But casinos don’t want to manipulate their games – on the contrary. If the games were unfair, providers would quickly lose revenue. With that in mind, it’s surprising how many gamers cling to this myth. In modern casinos there is no way to manipulate games. The new gaming law in particular, which allows online casinos in Switzerland, has also brought about strong regulation by the state. This ensures that the players have a fair chance and that everything is done right.

The fallacy about the “due numbers”

Many gamblers are familiar with this myth: let’s say the last three spins came black. Unfortunately you lost all three bets because you bet on red. When the fourth round comes up, a hit on red is more likely than on black, right? The answer is no. This player philosophy assumes that previous attempts will in some way affect future hits. The lesson is that every single spin is a separate attempt and is not influenced by the previous ones. Hence the assumption that something is “due” is a big myth. Incidentally, this also applies to the numbers, even if many casinos highlight the numbers at their tables where the ball has not stopped for a long time.

Players can beat the house edge at roulette

No, it is not possible to beat the house edge in roulette. Under no circumstances can you influence the advantage that any casino has over its players. Your chances of winning can change depending on how you play. However, the house edge always remains the same.

It is impossible to win large sums of money

There is a widespread myth among gamblers about not making substantial winnings at roulette. Some roulette strategies suggest placing bets that have better odds of winning. However, these are lower payout bets. This gives players the impression that they have no chance of big wins. However, that is not true. The nice thing about roulette is that there are different methods to win and the winnings increase as you bet. And as with every game of chance, this includes a portion of luck!

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