How Are The Slots Structured?

Usually Megaways have six reels on which between two and seven symbols can appear on each spin. The variable number of symbols automatically leads to different numbers of win lines. Because the more symbols on the individual reels, the more possible win lines.

So that you can always keep track of constantly changing symbols, the number of win lines is displayed in each round.

What counts as a payline?

In slot machines with a Megaway feature, everything usually counts as a payline as long as the same symbol is present on each reel from left to right. The win line goes so far to the right until the symbol is no longer present on a reel. It does not matter where or how big the symbol is.

What should players watch out for at Megaways Slots?

For players, the operation of the slots with the Megaways feature does not change much. It should be noted, however, that you always place a total bet in these games and not set a bet per payline, as the number of paylines has not yet been determined. Only during the spin does the built-in random number generator decide how many symbols appear on the individual reels, which ultimately defines the number of win lines.


Due to the unique random mechanism, Megaways slots stand out from classic slot machines and therefore bring welcome variety to the gaming industry. They do not have a better or worse payout percentage than normal slot machines per se and the volatility does not depend on the Megaway feature, but differs depending on the game.

The games are still very popular with the players due to the additional tension factor. Before each spin, the tension on the number of paylines increases again, which makes the games all the more varied.

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